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ASH FOGGER PRO: for complete non-contact disinfection of rooms. Biodegradable disinfection. Easy to use, fast disinfection. Foger device with an extremely powerful motor for greater range.

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ASH FOGER PRO is a device that turns Power Sept or HUWA SAN TR5 disinfectant into fog and disperses them around the room.

In doing so, every surface that comes into contact with dispersed particles is reached, including hard-to-reach places that would otherwise not be reached with normal cleaning or disinfection.

Ions fill the entire room with an electric charge and thus reach all the nooks and crannies in the room. The device enables uniform distribution of the disinfectant over all surfaces in the room.

An ideal and professional solution for effective disinfection of all surfaces in the room.

ASH FOGER prevents the transfer of microorganisms from surface to surface, as can happen with classic disinfection methods. It is intended for manual use for machine disinfection. Made in Turkey.

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Technical Specifications Weight: approx. 5.5 kg (full tank 15.5 kg) Rated power: -1400 W - dimensions in mm L*W*H 140x440x580 -flow of the agent 0.167 mm/min - fogging technology - only for professionally trained personnel Stockist: -capacity 10L (Copolymer tank, resistant to all types of corrosion) -particle size 0-0.49 microns Connection power: - 220V-50-60Hz We operate in a natural and malty manner with guidelines for reducing the amount of chemicals used (Green deal https: // ) and lower burden on the environment.