Mercator Medical Latex Comfort Protective Gloves



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The disposable protective latex COMFORT gloves, manufactured by Mercator Medical, offer the highest quality of protection and grip.Made according to the “second skin” system.


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Disposable gloves,
LATEX COMFORT (powder free).
Protective, non-sterilised, powder-free latex gloves,
disposable gloves of the highest quality.
The gloves offer you maximum comfort during use.
Designed on the basis of a “second skin” feel.
Latex gloves with a high degree of durability.
Designed for use in the food industry, medicine, veterinary, catering, dentistry,
nursing homes, auto repair shops, and private use.
Supported by all necessary certificates.
Quality guaranteed by the tradition of the manufacturer.
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Technical Specifications Material: latex, powder-free Colour: cream Cuff: hem Length: 24 cm Size (palm circumference):M(85-105mm) L (100-120mm) AQL: 1,0 in accordance with ISO 2859-1 CE Classification:Class 1, Medical Products (2017/745), Category III Personal Protective Equipment (EU 2016/425) EN420 EN ISO 374-5, EN 1041, EN ISO 374-4, EN 16523-1, EN ISO 15223-1, EN ISO 374-1, EN ISO 374-2, EN 455 (1-4), EN ISO 13485:2016 Sizes:S,M,L,XL Packing: 100 pcs /box