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Ozonos – for professional disinfection and cleaning of air and surfaces with ozone indoors.


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OZONOS, the miracle of fresh air, eliminates aerosol fats, bacteria and viruses, germs, mold spores, pet and dust mite allergens, pollen, odors, pet odors and paint in your home or workplace – with an innovative, patented method that harnesses the natural benefits of ozone.

Highly efficient, designer OZONOS devices for disinfection and air purification in enclosed spaces. Ideal for home, business and public use. Ozonos technology is fundamentally different from the technology of other air purifiers and is unique and patented worldwide. 100% effectiveness in removing coronaviruses from the air and more than 94% from surfaces.
Tested according to EN 17272 (HygCen Germany GMBH). Ozone Air purifiers effectively remove viruses, bacteria, molds, unpleasant odors and smoke, allergens, pollen, aerosol fats and harmful gases from rooms. No health risk.

The natural formation of ozone by solar radiation is copied. UV-C light combines with oxygen to create ozone – without harmful nitrogen oxide residues. The devices are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Made in Austria.

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Technical Specifications Ozone concentration 0.21 ppm; Remote control - YES, with timer; Input power 14W; UVC lamp 1 x 8W (6000-8000 operating hours); Weight 2.7 kg; Air flow 55m3 p.h; Volume 37db; Dimensions: length 400mm, diameter 130mm; Finishing UV-C 50%.