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Drying hygiene cabinets and systems Sollstar GT ECO Family with condensation drying, intended for drying and hygiene of various types of clothes and equipment with the eco drying process and with condensation drainage. Swiss engineering.

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High performance. Swiss engineering. Hygienic drying solutions for the whole family. Sollstar GT ECO Family is a drying system with a condensation process that also reduces microbes and unpleasant odors in all types of clothing, footwear and equipment.

Drying hygiene cabinets Sollstar GT ECO Family with extremely low EE energy consumption. They are completely personalized.
With condensation drying, intended for drying and hygiene of various types of clothing and equipment. They offer an eco-drying process with condensation drainage.

It is about the highest possible quality of drying-hygienic cabinets, which do not know the word “”competition””.

Different options for adapters (see accessories),
depending on the customer’s wishes or the user’s activity.
Each item is made strictly according to the customer’s wishes. It is a personalised product.

The colour of the housing can also be selected according to the RAL supplied.
The highest possible protection for equipment, clothing and footwear.
The enclosures also partially remove moisture from the entire room!
Two versions are available with analogue or digital control.
Away with germs and odours!
The solutions combined in the products can be controlled by software or smart apps.
and can operate individually or as centrally controlled systems.
Technological innovations are combined in various products, the creation of which depends on the customer and their needs/problems, as the final product is a reflection of the technological solution designed for that customer.
Made in Slovenia.

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